Tra'C W.
Overall amazing!!! It looks great, the owner is very kind and knowledgeable, and I love the products! The products are way better than pharmaceutical. After one sample I had energy and no more back pain! This place is my holistic pharmacy 🖤🖤🖤
Patsy H.
The wholistic wellness boutique is amazing! Stop by and check out their awesome selection of products. This is a place where not only can you get products that put you on the path to a healthier lifestyle, you get educated as well.
John B.
Dr. Daniel has created a space in which education and HEALING can take place. The boutique has an array of CBD-infused products and - from what I've been told - will provide additional services in the near future. If you're in the Hiram area, please stop by.
Brittany O.
I enjoyed Dr. Daniel and her staff. They are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about their products. Since Dr. Daniel is a PharmD, I trust her advice on which products to take for whatever conditions I may have. She really cares about holistic health which is what I’ve been looking for. I highly recommend and will continue to shop here.
Brian E.
I had the pleasure of photographing the boutiques grand opening, and Alaia Daniel, PharmD and owner, made it a night to remember. Her as well as her associates, are very knowledgeable on ALL their products to ensure consumers find a perfect match, with its' proper information. Because they sold out of their widely sought after beard oil, prior to the boutiques grand opening, I decided to try the lotion. I have eczema, and it's hard to find lotions that don't irritate my skin, but since using their "CBD Hemp Rich Lotion", my skin has never felt better. The scent is very mild, which is a must, but it holds a bold forest/lemon composition once lathered on. What started out as business, has resorted me to being lifetime customer. I cannot thank you and your associates enough for your hospitality!